Spring Time is Just Around the Corner – Lawn Care in St. Charles

/Spring Time is Just Around the Corner – Lawn Care in St. Charles
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Lawn Care in St. Charles

Lawn Care in St. CharlesIt’s spring and it’s time for the yearly lawn care to begin. A lawn requires more work than any other part of a landscape or garden and many homeowners in the St Charles area are too busy to give their lawns the care they need. In that case, they should turn to Greenside Lawncare to make sure that their lawn stays lush and green throughout the growing season. 

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals For Your Lawn Care

Early spring is the time to fertilize, especially for warm season grasses. Greenside Lawncare knows exactly how much fertilizer a homeowner’s lawn needs. Some grasses, like perennial rye grass, need a lot of fertilizer, up to four to five pounds per 1,000 square feet per year. On the other hand, centipede grass has a low requirement for fertilizer as does zoysia grass. Greenside’s professionals are trained to know the differences between grasses that grow in the St Charles area and their needs for fertilizer and water.

Now is also the time for bare spots in the lawn to be overseeded, planted with plugs or resodded. The professionals at Greenside can also perform these tasks. The method of filling out the lawn will depend on the area that needs to be refilled. They can also test the soil to make sure that it has the proper pH for the grass.

After a few weeks it will be time for the grass to be mowed. Greenside’s professionals know how frequently to mow a lawn and how much to cut to makes sure that it retains its health. Like fertilizing and watering, how high to let the grass grow depends on the type of grass as well as the time of the year. A lawn that’s cut too short may develop brown patches, and generally grass should be allowed to grow tall during a drought as it shades the soil and prevents the water from evaporating too quickly.

Another area of lawn care that Greenside performs is aeration. Sometimes, if a lawn has a lot of traffic, it develops thatch, which are clumps of dead material and soil. Greenside’s professionals use an aerating machine to allow air, water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. This is also best done early in the season.

Homeowners in the St Charles area who relish a beautiful lawn shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with Greenside for all their lawn care needs. They also provide snow and leaf removal.

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