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Scotts EZ Seed

With consumers trying to figure out what seed is best for them, we will go into a full 2 week experiment to find out what is the best seed to choose. With both companies bashing each others products we want to take a neutral stance on this and find out what seed is guaranteed to grow.

I did not contact Scott’s or Pennington regarding the supplies for this experiment. We purchased the products ourselves. We found that Scott’s was a little more expensive than Pennington as far as the seed is concerned.

Scott’s claims that they use a all natural mulch that holds more water than Pennington 1-Step Complete. They claim that Pennington is just ground up paper and it cant hold as much water as Scott’s Ez Seed. Upon opening the bag, I found that Scott’s uses very little seed in the eZ seed. It had a lot of mulch in the sample I put out.

Pennington claims that not all patch products are created equal. They say they use more seed than Scotts and they use a better mulch. Pennington claims they use 2 times as more seed as Scott’s, looking at the samples side by side it is clearly evident that Pennington 1 step complete uses far more seed than Scott’s. But, is it twice a much? Its hard to tell but its clearly over 40% Pennington – The Grass Seed People

The Controls. Each of the trays are 4 inches deep. I filled them 3 inches full of lawn soil. When watering, I watered them to the instructions labeled on the bag. Watering will vary from product to product. Each of them are growing together. The pictures are updated at 4pm CST each day.

Day 1  August 12, 2013 H83 L72

Scott’s is on the right Pennington is on the left. What I noticed about Scott’s is it seemed to be more a finer mulch the mulch was not as thick as Pennington. Pennington mulch was much thicker when I inspected it. Scott’s claims “Pennington is just ground up paper and it cant hold as much water as Scott’s eZ seed” seemed plausible. Again I’m taking a neutral stance on both of these companies.

Day 2  August 13, 2013 H80 L66

With a big storm heading our way last night, I decided to keep both of the trays under the deck. This way the seeds wont get flooded. I know in a lawn this situation is not possible; however, for the test results I would like to do a controlled experiment. Both of trays showed no grass yet but, the Pennington tray seemed that the seeds were much more protected than the Scott’s seeds.

Scott's Vs Pennington

Day 3 August 14, 2013 H75 L58

Every day is the same routine, simply watering it. I am noticing that the Scott’s EZ Seed does indeed hold much more water than the Pennington 1 Step Complete.  It does appear that each of the competitors arguments are true that Pennington 1 Step Complete does use 2 times the seed that Scott’s EZ Seed uses and Scott’s EZ seed does hold 2 time the amount of water that Pennington 1 Step Complete uses.

Day 4 August 15 2013 H75 L59

Same as yesterday still watering I did not take a picture because nothing changed.

Day 5 August 16 2013 H77 L61

Same as day 4 no picture will take one tomorrow.

Day 6 August 17 2013 H81 L61

Still watering here is a picture. 10 am

day 6







Day 7 August 18, 2013 H84 L 66  We Have Grass!!! Checked at 5pm  Scott’s EZ Seed is the 1st to have grass showing


scotts day7seed







Day 8 August 19 2013 10AM Pennington 1 Step Complete Now Has Grass! It’s been just over a week and now both Scott’s and Pennington now have grass. Scott’s looks like its achieving more grass than Pennington at this moment.
Combined day 8Pennington day 8
Scotts day 8

Day 12 August 24 2013
Here is the most updated pictures. Pennington is on the left, Scotts is on the right.

scotts day 14scotts day 14b

Day 14 August 26 2013

This is the end of the 2 week experiment. We will continue to keep posting pictures but the seeds that would of grown would’ve already been seeded. Looking at both of these products Scotts looks a little better than the Pennington seed; however, with the cost of this seed compared to the results we have seen I don’t see the value of either product to recommend to our customers to use. I used brand new soil and watered daily. I think for roughly 15 dollars per product using regular seed is probably a much better way to go. We will try both Scotts, Pennington and a off brand types of seed to give our customers and our website views more choices on what seed to use this fall.

day 14scotts day 14c