Spring Lawn Care Tips for O’Fallon

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Lawn Care

Lawn Care in O'FallonSpringtime is well on its way in O’Fallon and that means its time to get started on lawn care once again. By doing things for your lawn now, you can ensure that it’s at its best throughout the harsh summer that you can expect this year. 

Tips For Lawn Care in O’Fallon


Although your grass’ new growth has barely started, it’s not too early to begin feeding it for the season ahead. By providing it with extra nutrients now, you will make it better able to resist pests, drought and disease. One of the more preferred methods of lawn fertilization is to use worm castings, better known as worm poop. This form of manure possesses a very high nutrient density and is easily absorbed by your grass. However, it can get expensive. If you wish to save money, there are a number of quality granular lawn fertilizers available for a reasonable price.


Over the fall and winter, your lawn can get covered with debris such as sticks, leaves and even trash. As your grass begins to grow anew, these things can cause significant damage by stunting growth or killing the roots in those places. As soon as the snow melts away, you should go out and pick up any debris that is on your lawn in order to help it thrive.


According to most lawn care experts, it’s never too early to start watering, especially after the dry winter that occurred in O’Fallon. Grass requires significant amounts of water in order to thrive, so the sooner you start, the better off it will be. This is also a good opportunity to clear the stale water and mineral deposits out of your sprinkler system and hoses.

Early Planting

Many things can be planted this time of year in O’Fallon including daffodils, tulips, lilies, crocuses and hyacinths. Some flowering shrubs and fruit trees can also be planted in the ground this time of year. All of these options will provide you with lovely spring color and fragrance.

Pull Weeds

In O’Fallon, lawn care isn’t just about grass. It’s also about getting rid of weeds. Many weeds in this area are hardy enough to survive the winter, so it’s a good idea to go around your yard and pull them up whenever you see them. In addition, you can take this opportunity to trim back old perennial foliage and pull up dead plants.


Since spring is approaching, this is your last chance to perform maintenance on trees and shrubs since most of them haven’t begin their active growth yet. Prune low-hanging and flimsy branches as well as those that rub together in order to stimulate healthy and strong growth for the coming growing season

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