The Difference between Professional vs. The Hardware Store Lighting

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When called to select lighting for various uses at home, it is very easy to get swamped by the numerous options available out there. A visit to the hardware store will reveal a new world of lighting that you’ll end up being the more confused. Question is: when looking for lighting, should you go for professional lighting or settle for hardware store lighting?

Most people will opt for the hardware store lighting because let’s face it, everybody has a hardware store near them. However, the main driving force is cost. Hardware store lighting is quite easy on the pocket compared to professional lighting which makes it ideal for people on a budget. However, professional lighting may be costly, but it comes with a warranty. This is not just a cushion for a rainy day down the line, but an assurance that the product is so good, that the manufacturers are willing to swap it IF it fails (which they are sure it won’t).

Two, hardware store lighting might limit you on the styles of light. Professional lighting on the other hand is diverse and there will an option for you regardless of what your need may be.

Three, professional lighting sees considerable technological changes. Research is constantly being made to improve on lighting to meet various lighting needs.

Improvements in Lighting Technology

In the past five years, we have seen a mammoth transformation in the lighting industry, especially in the direction of smart homes. For example, FX Luminaire are looking to have you manage your lighting over the internet. With the ZTD option, with a connection to your router, you’ll be able to control all of your lighting. This means that you will control it over the cloud.

Types of Lighting for Different Scenarios


This involves placing some lighting fixtures on the ground/floor and then pointing them up. These are mostly used in events to improve on the ambience. At home, you can use uplighting to showcase a beautiful tree, the architecture of your home and garden features.


Downlights are great for creating a moonlight effect, lighting a stairway or even a stretch of path lightly. They can be placed on a high tree to bring the moonlight effect at night. They can be used at home to light outdoor seating such as seating walls and benches


Spotlights are good for highlighting objects in the house such as on decorative objects or spotlights. You can use a bounce spotlight from the ceiling or a wall in order to avoid glare while creating a gentle and relaxing feel.